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Hello, im new to ERP modules,

Can anyone in here explain me how to use ERP in Drupal? Specially when i want to syncronize ERP with Ubercart module??





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This is fairly new, and only synchronises ERP items up to the ubercart catalogue at the moment.

To set it up, you need ERP setup, and your second site with ubercart setup.

On the ubercart site, the erp_ubercart_service module needs to be on the ubercart site, with its associated dependencies enabled.

On the ERP side, the erp_ubercart module does the work, and needs to be enabled along with its dependencies.

Next, on the ubercart site, create a key for the services module and enable key authentication on the settings page. Allow all methods for the key at this stage.

Then on the ERP site, under admin/erp/ubercart, fill in all the settings appropriately from the services keys and the rest of your information.

Then you can visit erp/ubercart and it will sync for you. There is no cron hook yet, but thats next on the agenda, along with downloading orders from ubercart and creating erp invoices.



I will try and do a detailed blog on this shortly.



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So in order for this to work the erp module and the ubercart module must be installed on seperate drupal installations?  Or can they be the same installation and installed as both modules?  If the second is possible what would in need to do in that case?