Quick start

Attached below is a complete version of StratosERP, running on the excellent UniformServer system for Windows. This will enable interested people to get up and running with StratosERP within about 10 minutes.


To get started, proceed as follows:

  1. Download the UniServer - ERP.zip from below
  2. Unzip Uniserver folder to your C:\ drive (Although Uniform server will run from anywhere if you like).
  3. Change into the UniServer dorectory
  4. Double click on the start icon with the waves to start the Uniform Server
  5. Right click on the '1' in the system tray and click on 'Install and run all services'
  6. Click "Allow access" if your firewall asks to unblock Apache
  7. A web browser will be automatically started by Uniserver, indicating that its all ready to go.
  8. Access erp using http://localhost/erp
  9. The default admin username/password is
    username: admin
    password: admin
  10. Be sure to create your own user, and give it staff access, you should not use the admin user for general usage.

If you have already tried to get erp going following the installation instructions, but struck problems, you can download the complete drupal installation from this demo, or just the sql for the demo below as well, and you may find that gets things going quicker, as the install profile isn't yet perfect.