Attached below is a complete version of StratosERP, running on the excellent UniformServer system for Windows. This will enable interested people to get up and running with StratosERP within about 10 minutes.


To get started, proceed as follows:

There is now an experimental Stratos ERP Ubercart synchronisation module which provides the ability to publish and update all items for sale within a chosen ERP store for sale on a Drupal + Ubercart based website.

A single module provides the integration on the Drupal + Ubercart side, utilising the Services module to provide very open communication between the two sites.

More detailed information on how to setup this solution will follow.

As Stratos ERP is based on open source software, it is very easy to integrate with other open source technologies.

Some of the ways we integrate Stratos ERP are detailed here.

We utilise an asterisk based PABX and have a system setup that will automatically open the calling customers details when an incoming call is received. This means that all a customers information is only a couple of clicks away when the phone rings.

This utilises the erp_contact module to search through all contacts in the system to find matching phone numbers, which can then be associated to a customer.

Basically, you need to get your web browser to visit


This walk through assumes that you are starting with the default Stratos ERP screen as above on a fresh install. If you have used the system a little, you may have customers, invoices etc already.

You will need to be logged in, or have relaxed the default permissions a lot!

Click on the "customers" link on the left, and a list of the current customers is shown.

Installation of erp 6.x from scratch

In this howto, I'll install Stratos ERP into /projects/iseek/test

You may want to review the official drupal install guide

Create a database

Start mysql, then enter commands like these, obviously you can use real usernames and passwords.

We are more than happy to accept patches, visit for the current issue queue.

Welcome to the documentation for Stratos ERP for Drupal 6.x

There are notes and information in the sub pages, and attached is the latest version of the StratosERP User Manual. Its a work in progress, but it may help you get started.


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